Fachgebiet Psychology of perception

Programmer position

HiWi job - Help in writing scientific articles

 If you enjoy reading research papers and writing reports about them, this job may appeal to you. We are looking for help in writing up scientific work based on data collected in the lab and designing new potential experiments. The particular tasks entail:

-to help look for related research on assigned keywords, 

- provide suggestions for improving the writing of non-native English speakers working in the lab,

- find and summarize state-of-art for assigned topics when a new project is being discussed in the lab.

- willingness to explore various researches and come up with new ideas to design new experiments. 

If interested, please send an email to Prof.Dr.Ghose (ghose@sowi.uni-kl.de) with your CV and a short description (approximately 300 words) of your relevant skillsets when it comes to working as a helper in a Psychology lab. You may elaborate on any experiences in research design, programming for experiments, stimuli design, data analysis, and/or help in writing up experiments as journal articles. For the students who have taken psychology courses, please add the grade that you got for your essay assignments in this class. Based on the description, we will be  shortlisting candidates for interview in early August.

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