Fachgebiet Cognitive and Developmental Psychology

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Thomas Lachmann, Dipl.-Psych.


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Curriculum Vitae

since 2014
Head of Center for Cognitive Science, Director of Graduate School of Cognitive Science, Speaker of Research Initiative (Universitärer Potentialbereich Cognitive Science)
2011-2013Dean for Research
2008-2011Senator (university board, senat) and Dean
since 2006Full Professor of Psychology (chair) at the University of Kaiserslautern, Head of Department
2005Professor of Psychology at the University of Bamberg
2004Habilitation (Dr. habil.)
2001-2011Visiting Scientist at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute Wako-shi (Tokio), Japan
1998-2005Postdoc (Assistant Professor, C1)
1998Doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat.)
1997-1998Teaching assistant at the University of Leipzig
1997Study and research period at the Center for Human Information Processing at the University of California at San Diego (Prof. W. McGill, Prof. H. Pashler)
1995Diploma, Graduate Student program at the University of Leipzig, Institute of Cognitive Psychology (Supervisor: Prof. H.G.Geissler)
1992Study and research period at the Center for Human Information Processing at the University of California at San Diego (Prof. J.O.Miller)
1990-1995Study of Psychology at the Universities of Rostock and Leipzig

Research Grants

Grants from Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), State and Federal Ministries of Science (Rheinland-Pfalz, Hessen, Sachsen, Brandenburg), Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer - Dienst (KAAD), Departement of International Affairs (ISGS), German Israel Foundation of Research and Science, German Academic Exchange Service, scientific institutions and industry, in total of about 4 Million Dollars. 

Featured Publications

Konerding, M., Bergström, K., Lachmann, T., & Klatte, M. (accepted). Effects of a computer-based grapho-phonological training in German children with developmental dyslexia. Praxis der Kinderpsychologie und Kinderpsychiatrie. Download here

Tristão, R., Lauand, L., Falcão, K., Brant, L., Fernandes, G., Costa, K., Spilski, J., Lachmann, T. (2020) Olfactory sensory and perceptual evaluation in newborn infants: a systematic review. International prospective register of systematic reviews. PROSPERO 2020 CRD42020221753. Download here

Vágvölgyi, R., Bergström, K., Bulajić, A., Klatte, M., Rüsseler, J., Grosche, M., Hüttig, F., Fernandes, T., Lachmann, T. (in press). Functional illiteracy and developmental dyslexia: Looking for common roots. A systematic review. Journal of Cultural Cognitive Science.

Konerding, M., Bergström, K., Lachmann, T. & Klatte, T. (2020): Effects of computerized grapho-phonological training on literacy acquisition and vocabulary knowledge in children with an immigrant background learning German as L2. Journal of Cultural Cognitive Science. doi.org/10.1007/s41809-020-00064-3. Download here

Lachmann, T., Vágvölgyi, R., Bergström, K., Bulajic, A., Klatte, M., Fernandes, T., Grosche, M., Hüttig, F., Rüsseler, J. (2020). The similarities and differences between functional illiteracy and developmental dyslexia: A systematic review. International prospective register of systematic reviews. PROSPERO 2020 CRD42020156766. Download here.

Rodriguez, F., & Lachmann, T. (2020). Systematic review on the impact of intelligence on cognitive decline and dementia risk. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 11, 658. Download here.

Lachmann, T, Vágvölgyi, R., Bergström, K., Bulajić, A., & Klatte, M. (2020). A systematic review on functional illiteracy: Risk factors, cognitive profiles, prevention, and intervention. PROSPERO 2020, CRD42020179537. Download here

Schmitt, A., & Lachmann, T. (2020). Skilled readers show different serial-position effects for letter versus non-letter target detection in mixed-material strings. Acta Psychologica, 204. Download here

Nikolaev, A. R., Beck, A.-K., Theobald, S., Lachmann, T. (corr. author), & van Leeuwen, C. (2020). Factoring in the spatial effects of symbolic number representation. Biological Psychology, 149, 107782. Download here

Rodriguez, F., Spilski, J., Hekele, F., Beese, N., & Lachmann, T. (2019). Physical and cognitive demands of work in building construction. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, 27, 745-764. Download here

Faust-Christmann, C. A., Reinhard, R., Hoffmann, A., Lachmann, T., & Bleser, G. (2019). A face validation study for the investigation of Proteus Effects targeting driving behavior. In J. Chen, & G. Fragomeni (Eds.), Virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Multimodal Interaction. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 11574,  335-348. Cham: Springer. Download here

Rodriguez, F., Spilski, J., Schneider, A., Hekele, F., Lachmann, T., Ebert, A., & Rupprecht, F. (2019). Relevance of the assessment mode in the digital assessment of processing speed. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Psychology, 41, 730-739. Download here

Weis, T., Krick, C., Reith, W., & Lachmann, T. (2018). Is it still speech? Different processing strategies in learning to discriminate stimuli in the transition from speech to non-speech including feedback evaluation. Brain and Cognition, 125, 1-13. Download here

Klatte, M., Bergstroem, K., Steinbrink, C., Konderding, M., & Lachmann, T. (2018). Effects of the computer-based training program Lautarium on phonological awarness and reading and spelling abilities in German second-graders. In T. Lachmann, & T. Weis (eds.). Reading and dyslexia. Literacy Studies, 16,pp. 317-333. Cham: Springer. Download here

Weis, T., Nuerk, H.-C., & Lachmann, T. (2018). Attention allows the SNARC effect to operate on multiple number lines. Scientific Reports, 8: 13778. Download here

Lachmann, T. (2018). Reading and dyslexia. The Functional Coordination Framework. In T. Lachmann, & T. Weis (eds.). Reading and dyslexia. Literacy Studies, 16, pp. 265-295. Cham: Springer. Download here

Weis, T., Theobald, S., Schmitt, A., van Leeuwen, C., & Lachmann, T. (2018). There’s a SNARC in the size congruity task. Frontiers in Psychology, 9: 1978. Download here

van Leeuwen, C., Weis, T., & Lachmann, T. (2018). Perceptual organization and visual target selection. In T. Lachmann, & T. Weis (eds.), Invariances in Human Information Processing. Scientific Psychology Series, 25, pp. 183-209. New York: Routledge. Download here

Huettig, F., Kolinsky, R., & Lachmann, T. (2018). The culturally co-opted brain: how literacy affects the human mind. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience, 33, 275-277. Download here

Memberships and Affiliations

Ursula und Dieter Haß Stiftung  

Steering Committee III

Research initiative Cognitive Science

Research initiative AmSys 

Associated editor Cognitive Processing  (Springer)


Reviews for indexed journals: Developmental Science; Psychological Bulletin; Psychological Review; Research in Developmental Disabilities; Consciousness and Cognition; Brain Structure and Function; Psychonomic Bulletin and Review; Human Brain Mapping; Brain and Language; Brain Research; NeuroImage; Acta Psychologica; Journal of Memory and Language; Neurocase; Neuropsychologia; Dyslexia-An interdisciplinary Journal; Zeitschrift für Pädagogische Psychologie; Journal of Neuropsychology; Perception and Psychophysics; Cognitive Science; International Journal of Psychophysiology; Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology; Psychology Science; Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition; Cognitive Processing; Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience; Clinical Neuropysiology; Frontiers in Psychology; Learning and individual differences; Frontiers in Cognitive Science; Zeitschrift für Entwicklungspsychologie und pädagogische Psychologie; International Journal of Mind, Brain and Cognition; Advances in Cognitive Psychology; Psychologie in Eriehung und Unterricht; Reading and Writing; Education Research; Neuroscience Journal; Gestaltpsychology Journal; PlosOne, and others.

Reviews for funding and projects (above 250,000 USD): Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Wellcome Trust, Österreichische Nationalbank, German-Israeli-Foundation (GIF), Israel Science Foundation (ISF), Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO), Austrian Ministry of Science and Research (BMWF, Sparkling Science)

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