Fachgebiet Cognitive and Developmental Psychology

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Thomas Lachmann, Dipl.-Psych.


Phone+49 (0)631 / 205 5032
mobile+49 (0)151 / 2263 9969
building57, Room 528


SENIOR RESEARCH AFFILIATE at Centro de Investigación Nebrija en Cognición (CINC)

Facultad de Lenguas y Educación

Universidad Nebrija Madrid, Spain


GUEST PROFESSOR at Brain and Cognition Research Unit

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

University of Leuven (KU), Leuven, Belgium

Curriculum Vitae

since 2014

Head of Center for Cognitive Science, Director of Graduate School of Cognitive Science, Speaker of Research Initiative (Universitärer Potentialbereich Cognitive Science), PI Research Initiative AI Enhanced Learning and Cognition, Member Steering Committee Research at RPTU in Kaiserslautern (formerly TU Kaiserslautern)

2011-2013Dean for Research
2008-2011Senator (University Board, Senat) and Dean
since 2006Full Professor of Psychology (Chair) at the University of Kaiserslautern, Head of Department
2005Professor of Psychology at the University of Bamberg
2004Habilitation (Dr. habil.)
2001-2011Visiting Scientist at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute Wako-shi (Tokio), Japan
1998-2005Postdoc (Assistant Professor, C1)
1998Doctoral Degree (Dr. rer. nat.)
1997-1998Teaching Assistant at the University of Leipzig
1997Study and Research Period at the Center for Human Information Processing at the University of California at San Diego (Prof. W. McGill, Prof. H. Pashler)
1995Diploma, Graduate Student Program at the University of Leipzig, Institute of Cognitive Psychology (Supervisor: Prof. H. G. Geissler)
1992Study and Research Period at the Center for Human Information Processing at the University of California at San Diego (Prof. J. O. Miller)
1990-1995Study of Psychology at the Universities of Rostock and Leipzig

Research Grants


Grants from DFG, EU Horizon, GIF, BMBF and other institutions and industry

Editorships and Memberships

  • Associate Editor Developmental Science (Wiley) onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/14677687
  • Section Editor Cognitive Processing (Springer) https://www.springer.com/journal/10339
  • Editorial Board Journal of Cultural Cognitive Science (Springer) https://www.springer.com/journal/41809
  • Review Editor Frontiers: Educational Psychology, Perception Science, Developmental Psychology, Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Language Sciences
  • Volume Editor Scientific Psychology Series (T&F), Literacy Studies (Springer)
  • Member, amongst others, of: DGPs (Experimental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology), International Society for Psychophysics (past president), Society for the Cognitive Science of Culture (board member) https://culturalbrain.org/scsc/, and others.
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