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Selection of recent publications

Tristão, R., Lauand, L., Falcão, K., Brant, L., Fernandes, G., Costa, K., Spilski, J., Lachmann, T. (2021) Olfactory sensory and perceptual evaluation in newborn infants: a systematic review. Developmental Psychobiology (in press).

Ventura, P., Bulajić, A., Wong A. C .N, Leite. I., Hermens, F., Pereira, A., & Lachmann, T. (2021) Face and word composite effects are similarly affected by priming of local vs. global processing. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics, 83, 2189–2204. Download here.

Konerding, M., Bergström, K., Lachmann, T., & Klatte, M. (2021). Effects of the Computer-Based Grapho-Phonological Training Lautarium in Children with Developmental Dyslexia. Praxis der Kinderpsychologie und Kinderpsychiatrie, 70, 333-355. Download here.

Vágvölgyi, R., Bergström, K., Bulajić, A., Klatte, M., Rüsseler, J., Grosche, M., Hüttig, F., Fernandes, T., & Lachmann, T. (2021). Functional illiteracy and developmental dyslexia: Looking for common roots. A systematic review. Journal of Cultural Cognitive Science, 5, 159-179. DOI. Download here.

Konerding, M., Bergström, K., Lachmann, T. & Klatte, T. (2020). Effects of computerized grapho-phonological training on literacy acquisition and vocabulary knowledge in children with an immigrant background learning German as L2. Journal of Cultural Cognitive Science, 4, 367-383. DOI. Download here

Rodriguez, F., & Lachmann, T. (2020). Systematic review on the impact of intelligence on cognitive decline and dementia risk. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 11, 658. Download here.

Schmitt, A., & Lachmann, T. (2020). Skilled readers show different serial-position effects for letter versus non-letter target detection in mixed-material strings. Acta Psychologica, 204, 103025. Download here

Schmitt, A., Lachmann, T., & van Leeuwen, C. (2019). Lost in the forest? Global to local interference depends on children’s reading skills. Acta Psychologica, 193, 11-17. Download here

Nikolaev, A. R., Beck, A.-K., Theobald, S., Lachmann, T. (corr. author), & van Leeuwen, C. (2020). Factoring in the spatial effects of symbolic number representation. Biological Psychology, 149, 107782. Download here

Meghanathan, R.N., van Leeuwen, C., Giannini, M. & Nikolaev, A.R. (2020). Neural Correlates of task-related refixation behaviour. Vision Research, 175:90-101. DOI. Download here

Bulajić, A., Despotović, M., & Lachmann, T. (2019). Understanding functional illiteracy from a policy, adult education, and cognition point of view: Towards a joint referent framework. Zeitschrift für Neuropsychologie (Journal of Neuropsychology), 30, 109-122. Download here

Rodriguez, F., Spilski, J., Hekele, F., Beese, N., & Lachmann, T. (2019). Physical and cognitive demands of work in building construction. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, 27, 745-764. Download here

Reinhard, R., Shah, G. K., Faust-Christmann, C. A., & Lachmann, T. (2019). Acting your avatar’s age: Effects of virtual reality avatar embodiment on real life walking speed. Media Psychology, 23, 293-315. Download here

Rodriguez, F., Spilski, J., Schneider, A., Hekele, F., Lachmann, T., Ebert, A., & Rupprecht, F. (2019). Relevance of the assessment mode in the digital assessment of processing speed. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Psychology, 41, 730-739. Download here

Ludowicy, P., Czernochowski, C., Weis, T., Haese, A., & Lachmann, T. (2019). Neural correlates of feedback processing during a sensory uncertain speech - nonspeech discrimination task. Biological Psychology, 144, 103-114. Download here

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