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Northeastern Research Intern

Information on the Northeastern internship program

Northeastern University International Research Internship

Each semester our group hosts one research internship student from the Bachelors program in Linguistics at Northeastern University in Boston, USA. The intern works full time in our lab on ongoing research projects; participates in weekly lab meetings, colloquium talks, and scientific writing seminars; and usually attends at least one research-related conference or colloquium at another university in Germany or a neighboring country. The internship allows students to explore possibilities for graduate study and a future career in research, and also offers them the opportunity to live abroad for six months in an authentic context. The intern receives course credit for the internship through the International Cooperative Education Program, [http://www.northeastern.edu/internationalcoop/] part of the Northeastern University Cooperative Education and Career Development Office [http://www.northeastern.edu/coop/]

Articles about previous internships

Article (2016) (Northeastern University)

Article (2012) (in German)

Previous interns

2018, Jul. - Dec.: Jasmine Segarra
2018, Jan. - Dec.: Leah Doroski
2017, Jul. - Dec.: Reza Akhtar
2017, Jan. - June: Shaughnessy Jones
2016, Jul. - Dec.: Nicolette Pire
2016, Jan. - June: Hannah Powers
2015, Jul. - Dec.: Mary Elliott
2014, Jul. - Dec.: Liz Dovenberg
2014, Jan. – June: Kerry Isakson
2013, Jul. - Dec.: Lindsay Coffin
2013, Jan. - June: Ian Brenckle
2012, Jul. - Dec.: Lisa Martinek
2012, Jan. - June: Mark Calley
2011, Aug. - Dec.: Hollis Thomann

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