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We kindly ask you to carefully follow the set of instructions below when recording and submitting your presentations.



For oral presentations

What to submit: a 15-minute pre-recorded oral presentation while showing your slides.

You are free to choose whether to record a voice-over-slides version or a video with a speaker and the slides simultaneously onscreen. Some tips on how you can record your talk can be found below.

Formats allowed: mp4

Size: maximum 300 MB

At the conference: Your pre-recorded oral presentation will be played to the audience at the time of the scheduled session. During this time, presenters should be online and following the broadcast. After each oral presentation, the conference attendees will have an opportunity to ask their questions to you, the presenter. 15 min for the oral presentation and 5 min for Q&A will be allocated to each presenter.


For posters

What to submit: (1) a 5-minute pre-recorded poster-talk while showing the poster + (2) the poster itself in PDF format.

For the poster-talk, you are free to choose whether to record a voice-over-poster version or to record a video with the speaker and the poster simultaneously onscreen. Some tips on how you can record your talk can be found on the PiF 2021 webpage under Presentation/Poster-Talks.

Formats allowed: pre-recorded poster-talk – mp4; poster – PDF. 

Size (poster-talk): maximum 100 MB.

At the conference: During the scheduled poster sessions, each presenter will be assigned to a separate “booth”, where they can show their poster (by sharing the computer screen) and interact with the attendees (similarly to Zoom video session). The corresponding pre-recorded poster-talk and poster in PDF will be available through a link provided in each “booth”.


How to Record Your Talk

Following are some of the options for recording your oral presentation- or poster-talk:

Screen+Webcam video in Quicktime/iMovie

Mac users have the option to make movies using QuickTime Player. Here’s how to use Quicktime to make a screen+webcam video:

  • Open Quicktime.
  • Go to file > new movie recording, then to view > float on top. Position the image where you want it on the screen.
  • Go to file > new screen recording. Click the down arrow next to the record button. Select internal microphone as sound source, then press the record button.
  • Make your slide(s) full screen. Now give your talk.
  • When you’re done, minimize your slides. You’ll see a little record button on the upper right app bar – click it. This will stop the recording.
  • Save the file to any directory.

You will then need to convert the Quicktime movie to .mp4 format.  Here is one way to do it:

  • Open iMovie.
  • Go to Projects, then Create New, then Import Media.
  • Import the file you just made.
  • Go to file > share > file.
  • Select Quality: High and Compress: Faster.
  • Save it. It will now save as an .mp4.


Slides+Narration in PowerPoint or Keynote

PowerPoint or Keynote users can record their voice over their slide(s) and then save their talk in an .mp4 file.

For PowerPoint users:

  • In the toolbar, select Slide Show > Record Slide Show.
  • Proceed to talk. Note that you can pause the talk during the recording.
  • Once your recording is over, select End Show in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Save the new slide timings.
  • Go to file > Export > File Format > MP4.
  • Save it. Your talk is now saved as an .mp4 file.


For Keynote users:

  • In the menu bar, select Play > Record Slideshow.
  • Press the record red button at the bottom of your screen. A countdown of three seconds should appear. 
  • To end the recording, press the same red button again.
  • Go to file > Export to… > Movie.
  • Select the 1024×768 format and save your file.
  • To export your file to .mp4, find your file on Finder, select your file and press enter.
  • You should now be able to edit the name of your file.
  • add “.mp4” to the name of your file. A window should pop up asking you if you’re sure about wanting to change the extension.
  • Select .mp4 and save your talk.



How to Submit Your Pre-recorded Talk

The submission and storage of your pre-recorded talk will be managed through the Open Science Framework repository (OSF). Information about the OSF Terms and Privacy Policy can be found at https://osf.io/ .

Submissions to the OSF are done by email and processed automatically. Therefore, please, ensure your email follows the format below:

Subject line: The Title of Your Oral Presentation or Poster

Message body: The Abstract (text only)

Attachment: Pre-recorded Talk (for oral presentations AND posters) + Poster in PDF (for posters)

To submit your work, please, send the email to one of the following addresses:


Upon submission, the OSF website will check if the email from which you sent your work is already associated with an OSF account. If it is, it will just create a new project under that OSF account; otherwise, it will create a new OSF account for the email you used and create the new project under that new account. In both cases, you will receive an email confirmation detailing how you can edit your submission.


Quality Check and Resubmission

After the submission deadline (May 1), all submitted talks will be checked for length, format, and quality of sound/picture. The authors whose talks do not fit the standards (inappropriate length or format; low quality of sound/picture) will be contacted immediately and given a new deadline (May 10th) to record and resubmit a new talk.

If you have any questions with regards to recording or submitting your oral presentation or poster-talk, please contact us at pif2021(at)sowi.uni-kl.de .

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