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Social science issues are approached from very different angles at the TU Kaiserslautern. In addition to the disciplines of political science, sociology and methodology, which can also be found at other universities, the fields of education, philosophy and psychology provide us with additional perspectives on social contexts. Contributions from economics round out the bachelor's degree program in Integrative Social Science.

Key data on the course

The Bachelor's phase consists of the basic modules Political Science, Sociology, Interaction and Communication, Economics, Philosophy of Science, Methodology as well as the Propaedeutic. From the second semester on, you can choose a variety of competence modules. If you plan to do your master's degree in the social sciences and are interested in research inside or outside the university, the competence module Methods of Empirical Social Research is a must. In general, empirical research is becoming increasingly important, for example in new research fields such as health policy. Scientific working techniques can be used by everyone. The competence module Adult Education is especially interesting if you can imagine working in the large field of continuing education. If you are interested in personnel and organizational development, you should attend the Organizational Psychology module. In the second half of the three-year study phase, you will complete a 12-week internship.

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