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Cognitive Science Internship


Each student of the Cognitive Science Master program has to do an internship of at least six fulltime (~40 hours) weeks, which translates to 8 credit points.

When should the internship take place?

It is highly recommended and expected that the internship takes place during the lecture-free semester time, preferably between semesters  two and three.

Splitting the internship

It is possible to split your internship up into two parts of at least three weeks each.

Goal of your internship

The internship should enable the student to perform applied or basic research outside of the TU Kaiserslautern.

Possible destinations

A German or abroad company, university, or research institute like Siemens, Max Planck, DFKI, Fraunhofer, etc.


apl. Prof. Dr. Daniela Czernochowski

Building 57, Room 575



Detailed Guideline

Internship Application Form

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