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Admission Requirements and Application



Applicants from foreign countries:

Applications can be submitted online. (Link: https://applymsc.sowi.uni-kl.de/)


Applicants from Germany:


Candidates from Germany have to use the Regular Application. (Link: studienbewerbung.uni-kl.de)


Applicants from Germany that wish to be evaluated before the end of the application deadline (30.08.2020), please register and apply as well using the online application platform. (Link:

https://applymsc.sowi.uni-kl.de/). Additionally, you have to use the Regular Application. (Link: https://studienbewerbung.uni-kl.de/)



You do not have all the necessary documents at hand for the online application?

No Problem! After registration, you can start uploading what you already have and add the rest once you receive it. Your application will only be considered if you decide to submit the uploaded data.


For questions concerning the application procedure, please contact the ISGS - International Graduate School (Link: https://www.uni-kl.de/en/international/home/) - or write an email to applymsc(at)sowi.uni-kl.de.


Details on application and admission can be found on the ISGS application website. (Link: https://www.uni-kl.de/international/master/prospective-students/master-programs/master-programs-in-english/)




1.                  Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Linguistics, Computer Science, Biology or Cognitive Science from a German university; or an equivalent degree from a foreign university (equivalency is judged by the International School of Graduate Studies (ISGS)).

2.                  Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in another related field (e.g. Social Sciences, Engineering, Philosophy, etc.) may also apply, but should clearly explain in their motivation letter how their previous studies and experience have suitably prepared them for a Master’s program in Cognitive Science.

3.                  Applicants should ideally also have a solid background in basic descriptive and inferential statistics (e.g., regression, ANOVA) as well as some experience in conducting empirical research (e.g., for a class project or Bachelor’s thesis). Previous experience in statistics and empirical research should be mentioned in the motivation letter.

4.                  English language proficiency (Link: applymsc.sowi.uni-kl.de/english-proficiency/)



Each application will be evaluated by the Examination Board in an assessment procedure based on the documents provided. The Examination Board will then decide to either accept or reject the application for the current application period.



Application deadlines for the Master’s program in Cognitive Science

if visa required: April 30 
if no visa required: July 15

German applicants: August 31


Orientation course starts on August 1st

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