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Welcome to Philosophy

Philosophy of the Natural Sciences and Technology 

The philosophy program focuses on basic and applied research into philosophical problems and the needs of the natural sciences, technology, and economic disciplines. The special study program is bound to the fundamental principles of philosophical reflection, which are essentially of an unrestricted nature.

This type of understanding also explores conceptual foundations and the principles of acquiring knowledge. It considers the importance of natural science and technology to the individual as well as to the state and the society. Consequently, the topics addressed in this special subject area range from the theoretical to the practical.

The focus of theoretical philosophy is to discover and model the philosophical concepts in the development of western philosophy and to identify the major concepts in terms of their historical and systematic context up to the present time. In addition to fundamental concepts in the natural sciences, this course explores other concepts as objects for philosophical reflection, for example, ideas from the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and places them in a historical perspective.

The major focus of practical philosophy derives from the special significance of ethical problems in relationship to modern natural sciences, technology, and economics. In particular, the main effort here is on the problems in ethical reasoning and in making the criteria familiar in philosophy useful for a differentiated application in specific situations.